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Last night I made up a batch of Chocolate Wontons. Wontons are a classic staple of Chinese cuisine. They are normally either lightly fried or steamed.

My Chocolate Wontons are baked for a lighter, crunchy texture and filled with a mix of Nutella and Peanut Butter and Chocolate chips. When they are finished baking they are topped off with a combination of powdered sugar and chili powder to add a bit of savory to the sweet.

How They’re made: First start out by laying out a few rows of wonton wrappers, normally found in the produce aisle of the super market. The brand of wraps I use are Melissa’s (See picture below in slideshow).  After laying out a few rows I use a small plastic sandwich bag as a poor man’s pastry bag to squeeze a generous portion of Nutella onto the center of each square.

Next I pile on a few chocolate and peanut butter chips being aware that I need to leave enough space to fold over the edge of the wrap to form a triangle pouch. After the first couple you learn how much topping you can squeeze into each wonton.

At this point you can decide if you want to use one wrap per wonton, or put in an extra amount of filling and place another wrap on top to make large ravioli shaped wontons.

The next step in wonton making is to wet two of the edges of the wrap and fold the corners together to form a triangle pouch and press the edges together to make sure they stick and seal well.

After everything is sealed and ready to bake, lay out the wontons in a fitting geometric pattern to utilize the best amount of space on your baking sheet. I like to bake mine on parchment paper to make clean-up easy and quick. Once everything is laid out fittingly I brush each wonton with a generous amount of melted butter to help make them look shiny and brown up nicely while baking.

After baking for roughly 15 minutes in a 350F degree oven, they are ready to be pulled out and generously dusted with a mix of powdered sugar and chili powder. I don’t use a specific measurement for choosing the amount of chili powder added. Just be sure to add enough so when you bite into the wonton you get a nice accent from the chili without over powering the sweetness of the wontons.

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And that’s how you make some delicious Chocolate Wontons and become the talk of the office for the afternoon. Just be prepared to give out the recipe to everyone who tries them! 😉