Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Review

When I first saw this movie I thought, “Yech”

But that’s not a fair way to start out a review. I’m going to preface this by saying, Fantastic Mr. Fox is definitely on my list of movies to watch again because I fell asleep half way through my first viewing, and struggled to watch the rest the next day. So this may not be the most fair review since I’ve been dreading watching it again at this juncture.

This is a stop motion animation film which was done mostly by the team behind Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, making it visually appealing and very fluid, but leaving me the wanting for something more Burton-esque.

Let’s do the Anderson run down;
Cast: Awesome. George Clooney, Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, Meryl Streep, Michael Gambon, Willem Dafoe, and of course Owen Wilson.

Writing: Amazing as always, the story is a fantastic rendition of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s tale of the same name. Wonderfully updated by Wes with added bits to the beginning and end to make a more well rounded story.

Acting: As far as you can talk about the acting, it’s great. It’s voice acting so it’s a bit difficult to get the total emotion out of actors a lot of the time, but when the story is written and directed by Anderson with his wry, dry sense of humor, it’s a lot easier for the emotions to flow across the screen. I also read that when Anderson was working with his cast doing the recording, they actually did the recording on location in the woods, underground, in a backyard, etc. which really gave more reality to the film.

Cinematography: . . . It’s good. It’s well lit? I only know the basics on how stop-motion films are produced, so I really can’t give an official statement about how this was shot. All I know is that it does indeed, look quite good.

Characters (Puppets): These things look AMAZING! They have enough of their human counterparts in them that you can see Jason Schwartzman in Ash, just like you can see Clooney in his puppet of Mr. Fox. They must have taken months to create and finish to the details they are.

That all being said, I wouldn’t sign this movie off as bad. The reviews against me are astounding in their love for the film. Once more, I will be watching this movie again. And when that happens, I will write a new review matching my new, or established, thoughts towards it.


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