Upside Down: A preemptive review of a film to come

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Review
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This morning I checked out the first trailer for the 2012 film Upside Down. I highly suggest viewing it here;

As you can see by io9’s tag, they’re calling this film MC Escher does Romeo & Juliet. At first glimpse, I would agree with that to a fair degree. However, these two worlds don’t appear to intertwine with each other the way they would in an Escher work of art. I am curious as to how they are going to keep these two worlds separate while remaining together long enough and strongly enough to continue the obvious love story between Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess.

The film is directed by Juan Diego Solanas, an Argentinian director, who is the son of another famous Argentinian director. (According to When I looked at his film history, he’s got a fair amount of projects under his belt. I haven’t heard of any of them but you know they’ve got to have some merit for his (supposedly) first English language film to star Dunst and Sturgess.

Dunst has kind of faded out of view for the past couple of years but I am actually really looking forward to her return. I have always been a fan of Sturgess since his breakthrough performance in Across the Universe. I also enjoyed him in 21 and 50 dead men walking.

Looking at the trailer I get the opinion that Solanas is trying to make a whole film in homage to the amazing scenes in Inception where the world is spinning. I can’t help but think that if he is constantly changing POV from the Upper to Lower worlds we’re just going to get dizzy and be distracted from the story of the film.

This is going to be an interesting take on the Romeo & Juliet story, hands down. However, Sturgess and Dunst’s character names are Adam and Eve which lends itself to make an uninformed critic (Myself) start wondering if they are going to be the start of the new world where upper and lower worlders live in peace and harmony with one another.

Unfortunately there is no official release date for this film yet which is a damn shame. Someone needs to bring this film to America. So cross your fingers and keep your eyes to the sky. This film has the potential to be amazing and I for one, really want to see how it plays out on the big screen.


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